Knowing what’s real

Facebook says,” over 83 million users hold a fake account on their site.”

As college students we use the internet for almost all the school work we do. Social sites have also become a big part of our lives. We use these social sites with intensions to communicate further with friends and family, near and far. Using social sites is always risky, worrying about someone duplicating your information and the possible interaction with total strangers.

There should always be a caution with using social sites, knowing that people are not always who they claim to be. While having a discussion with some classmates it was asked if schools should take the responsibility of censoring social sites. I think social sites should implement software or privacy walls to protect the information users put up and not allow the copying of materials from other pages.

I do not feel it is the responsibility of the schools to head the censoring task but it would defiantly help the process if the social sites and school work together. The school should do their best to inform the students that falsifying an identity is subject to end in legal issues, especially if cyber bullying is the result. The schools should be able to monitor what is done on their computer to prevent campus property being used for cyber bullying or site abuse. Often the people who make fake pages know the person directly who they are contacting via the fake profile. Filtering the students who register under certain schools by making sure they are enrolled and active at that school will condense and help to cath fake pages.


Telling it all…

Social networks are shocking in how easily and intensely they impact the users life.

This topic came to me while attending an event on campus. The event was centered around conversation and refreshments. I was asked to write down my goals for 2014, interesting topics or questions for the room to discuss. I struggled with what to write for a minute until social media popped into my head but I didn’t know what exactly about social media to comment on or ask.

I reflected on a post I’d seen earlier that day where a female went as far as to describe to instagram every aspect that was going wrong in her life at that moment, car broke down, lost her debit card, her boyfriend cheated,along with other things.

I was immediately “blown” ( intensely surprised/ taken back) by the way people express themselves on social networks and are so willing to share their most personal issues and thoughts with people who may know nothing about them.

I began to wonder what that does for them or what void that fills by expressing themselves to that degree. And when is it too much?

Posting personal issues to social sites often increase the intensity of the problem with the person they may be in dispute with. Someone knowing that a particular post is about them may be angry by the broadcast of the information. This is usually called a ” sub post” and creates far more problems than it resolves. I believe these people need to find a friend and share those issues aside and away from social media.